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oh! and i forgot to say. if you want to check out the guts of this page, check out the codepen for it! feel free to remix it yourself, but credit is much appreciated ^^ !! anyways...


jack aric comic is a webcomic made by aiden r (me!!!!), having the first issue being uploaded on march 16, 2022!!! there are 13!!!!!! comics (plus 6!!! unuploaded zines (i will post them here eventually....but they can be found on the neocities discord server! haha shameless self promo)) so far, the most recent one uploaded to my site on january 31, 2022.
the first ideas of jack aric comic can be found from around may 2021!!! ill try to find pics, but that was definitely jack aric. it wasn't exactly going to be comics, but i'm not saying ^^ actually YES i am saying!! it was for a fanfiction i was writing with these overly headcanoned characters from a book i really liked and they were gonna fall in LOVE and be BOYFRIENDS and be COOL TEENAGERS and KISS *slams fist on table* buut i never ended up writing that fanfiction and i fell out of that ship and the entire series in general, leaving those two characters for dead..... UNTIL ONE DAY I WAS LIKE!!! "HEY! WHAT IF I MADE A WEBCOMIC WITH THESE GUYS!!!! BUT THEYRE NOT IN LOVE WITH EACH OTHER!!!" and thats how jack aric (trademarked) came to be. btw beemo is 100% my original character. he a real one


jack is technically the first ever character to debut on jack aric comic, appearing on the first ever panel of the first ever comic. (lol sorry aric!) he was also the first jack aric character to come into existence at all. hence why jack goes before aric in jack aric. 'aric jack' doesn't sound good anyways...he's younger than aric though, as he's only 15 and his birthday is probably around november. like me :)
jack is a transgender guy whos on T already i think!!! he also likes coding, reading, and drawing!! i think it would be cool and meta if he made a graphic novel inside of a webcomic. he also has a twin brother, rhian (i don't like him)! he allegedly DOES have a pet snake (ass jake) but he hasn't appeared in an official issue yet... :(


aric is technically the second ever character to debut, in the second panel of the first comic!!! the first concept art came a little bit after jack's by a day or two. despite that, he's older than jack :)! he is 16 while jack is 15. i'd like to think his birthday is in febuary or a late winter month like that.
aric is cisgender (maybe) and asexual!!! probably also aromantic but idk, lol. in writings + the old jaric page, i mentioned he had a girlfriend but im reconsidering it. maybe they broke up, idk *shrug*
interests? i'd say like baking (real) or playing minecraft or something. he just like me fr fr
I 4GOT 2 MENTION HE HAS A CAT!!!! AND HIS NAME IS BEEMO!!! LIKE BMO FROM ADVENTURE TIME BUT A BEE :3 he's a fat black cat with big ol eyes



rhian is jack's twin (kinda?) brother. he appeared a few times so far. remember how i mentioned how i dont like him and i dont want to draw him again? well hes actually grown on me and now i think hes silly and i love drawing him. character arc


beemo is aric's cat, and hes literally so silly :3 he appears in issue 12 and he also appears in most of the zines!!!man i really need to upload the zines fr fr!!!! also hes in the 3rd misc comic!! i wanna send pics of him here he's literally so scrunkly :3

JACK ARIC WEBQUEST! (warning i just started it so there might be 404 pages sorrii

im gonna link the issues here...AND ALSO THE FAN COMICS!!!!

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comic 13!

random comics in my sketchbook + fancomics