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my ninth ever comic!!!!! ALSO HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!

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panel one

aric: hey guys!!!! today is halloween! its my favorite holiday ever!!! and this year im a spooky scary vampire :)

panel two

jack: BOO!!! halloween is also my favorite. this year im going as a spooky!! :)

aric: it looks very nice and stuff

panel three

aric: this year we will be showing you guys how to have the most cool, most epic halloween and score the most kandi!!!!

jack: yas

panel four

jack: step 1: go t a mega-rich neighborhood. last year we went here and got ultra king-sized kandi. so yeah this is a pro tip :3

panel five

jack: the second step is to split up in order to get more kandi. it maximizes the time u spend trick or treating. :)

panel six

aric: i will miss you, brother.

jack: i wil also miss you, brother. i will see you in a few hours.

panel seven

aric: thank yoy :)

panel eight

jack: awesome and cool

panel nine

aric: yay

jack: we are back from out adventure!!!

panel ten

jack: now we already have tons of kandi...we're even spookier as a pair. so enter stage 2...

panel eleven

jack and aric: BOO!!!!

panel twelve

rhian: that wasn't scary you know

jack and aric: aw

panel thirteen

aric: wow we got so much kandi!!!! this will last us years :3

jack: all thx to our ultra-effective kandi plan! have a spooky halloween!! oooooo

to be continued! ^^