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issue #10!: cool food more like popsicles

you may need to zoom in to see more, or check out the panel-by-panel version here! (warning it doesnt exist yet so dont click it ok)

my tenth ever comic!!!!!

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panel one

jack: sooo i just got my hands on a hundred dolla bill!!!

aric: :0

panel two

jack: and instead of putting this into a boring savings account like my mom said

jack: aric and i decided to make....

panel three


aric: YAY!

aric: uhh wait

panel four

aric: what do you mean by "coolest food ever?"

panel five

jack: you think of all the cool snacks + food, etc and you put them all together!!!

aric: wtf how did we get here???

panel six

jack: (puts a bunch of chips into the shopping cart)

aric: ohhhhh!!!!!!

panel seven

aric: BOOSH!!!! (he puts chocolate bars into the cart)

aric: chocolate is cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jack: yas

panel eight

jack: i also like apple juice :)

panel nine

aric: AND KANDI!!!!!!!

nerd shop o mart cashier (new character wauw!!!): erm sir you're going to have to pay for that

panel ten

jack: soo we put everything into a blender to make it the coolest!!!!!

aric: wha

panel eleven

jack: now this is the moment we've all been waiting for....

jack: aric how does it taste? cool?

aric: ...

panel twelve

jack: wtf why does this taste so uncool

aric: this is kinda gross

jack: this was a bad idea

aric: yeah

to be continued! ^^