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issue #2: you gotta look fuckin STYLISH my man!

edit: why did no one tell me anythong abt the title

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my second ever comic!!!!!

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panel one

aric: hey guys! today you'll learn how to be even cooler. and obviously that is looking cool.

jack: yo

panel two

aric: and jack here really needs to learn that. he, he, he.

jack: >:(

aric: but anyways...

panel three

aric: ...SO it begins!!

panel four

aric: so jack and i are at the mall and looking for cool shirts to wear and--

panel five

aric: OMG!!! jack this one is for you!!!!!

panel six

jack: aric that's a nyan cat shirt i am not wearing that

jack: (thinking) oh god

aric: jack bro im not blind

panel seven

aric: (looking at sunglasses rack) ooh jack check these out

jack: ok

jack: (thinking) oh no

panel eight

aric: look!! try this hat as well it looks very cool

jack is already wearing a hat

panel nine

aric: put that on too,,, ooh! that would look super cool on you,,, and this and this an-

panel ten

aric: and now the reveal...eee

panel eleven

aric: JACK!!!!! you look so COOL!!! my artiste strikes again!!!

(jack stands in a tpose, wearing very cool things like 2 hats AT ONCE, a ponytail, a nyan cat shirt, rainbow socks, and cowboy boots)

panel twelve

aric: soooo yeah that's it i think? good luck looking cool!

jack: you know i do look a bit cool actually

aric: see i told u

to be continued! ^^