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my eleventh ever comic!!!!! my eleven and a halfth ever comic!!!!!

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panel one

aric: hi guys!!!!! today jack and i are going to be cool and go to watch a movie!!!

panel two

aric: "so what's cool about going to the movies?" you may ask. well, the cool part is that we-

jack: sneak in kandi!!!!!!!!

panel three

jack + aric: teehee teehee

panel four

jack: thx for giving us a ride to the store to get kandi

rhian: whatever

aric: KANDI!!!!!!

panel five

jack: soooo how do we sneak this in

aric: dot dot dot

panel six

aric: *idea*

panel seven

aric: sooo i had the j-e-e-nyus idea to have jack use his ultra-baggy pants!!!!!

panel eight

jack + aric: two tickets to bill and ted please

panel nine

rhian: i know you guys are sneaking in candy btw

jack: AW WHAT

aric: nooo

(dis page two now)

rhian: ok whatever you guys can go anyways, u dont have to pay

jack + aric: YAY!!!!!

rhian: im not paid enough here anyways... whatever

panel eleven

jack + aric: bill and ted here we come

panel twelve

jack + aric: totally splendid, bro

bill and ted: so crates !!!!!!!!

to be continued! ^^