change log :]
⚝ 10/1/22: SPOOKY!!!!!! GOES CRAZY
⚝ 8/8/22: 4got to update the update log but i added more jack aric comics ^^
⚝ 5/4/22: its 5/4 day yay
⚝ 4/15/22: finally made a sitemap so u guys know where ur going
⚝ 3/3/22: made a bumper sticker wall page!!!checkitoutaswell!
⚝ 2/23/22: NEW PAGE starring my ocs and comics!checkitout!
⚝ 2/19/22: added a shedload of buttons for only the most EPIC people. if you wanna have ur button on my site, just lmk!!
⚝ 2/17/22: added an Acrophobia characters page! ⚝ 2/16/22: i forgot to put this yesterday but i updated the sge posting and the gamesblog. ⚝ 2/14/22: happy valentines day!! also a HUGE change to the layout! this will probably take a while! also ime such a big ol dum dum lol. i put this at the end of the list
⚝ 2/7/22: changed colour and stuff of the change log and actually did add a to-do list
⚝ 2/6/22: added a change log and also maybe a to-do list
cookbook page!!!!thanks bennry
now that the main css is done......ugghhhhh
since it's 5/4 day i have a sudden urge to work on the russel/del shrine
make a custom layout for pretty much every page here. this is a new era guys!
i deffo need to add my art here...remind me to work on the paper vault
add a troy shrine because he IS real and he'll probably think i'm weird but i kinda already am so checkmate
add acro art!
add hexaflexagon instructions
make the carryonseriesbyrainbowrowell blog
create an art gallery/link my insta
make a favicon! (any ideas, anyone?)
add the novellas page arg
speaking of novellas work on the sugarsnappea website!! and link a button!!
put this template on the rest of the pages. good lorb this is going to take a while
add some pollcode on the about me page and hey! i should make a new poll every week or every other week or so. feel free to leave ideas for polls! ^.^

video of the week!


also erm idk what to put here. i think i was supposed to put links to special parts of my page lol
oh and my buttons i think

tysm scourge for this button!
tysm glowstick for this button!
tysm dreamie for this button!!!
i was going to put graphics i made here or something....
but i haven't made any yet!!! maybe i could put something here in the meantime because i made these to even out the left and right divs lol
home! (ur here) SITEMAP! gallery :3 :0 SHRINES :0 yours truly. JACK ARIC COMIK!!!

don't like neocities for some reason? check out my spacehey!! (warning! i dont use it lol) leave a comment on my profile!! HEY YOU THERE!!! JOIN THE UNOFFICIAL NEOCITIES DISCORD SERVER!! HEY YOU THERE AGAIN!!! JOIN THE TRANSING THE INTERNET WEBRING!!!

Hello world! Hola mundo!

hello world! my name is aiden! and my pronouns are he/him ^^ basically this is just a random hub for stuff I wanna share? i have no idea what to put here. click around and explore, but beware of broken links. sorry to the people who typed in a link i wrote in the art store test papers...oh, and troy is my friend. he actually suggested the name troy sucks i think ^^!

erm i would say my aesthetic is like a rainbowcore/glitchcore/webcore mixture? (cringe to irls).... idk i don't think i've found the BE-ALL-END-ALL aiden aesthetic...i like dyeing my hair tho ^^ so far it's been green and now its blue and now its bleached but i might dye me hair green again ....I LOVE VADA VADA MUSIC HEART EMOJI...SOME1 REMIND ME TO MAKE A THE GARDEN/PUZZLE/ENJOY SHRINE....

ANYways ya this is basically the index page of my site. i DO allow permission for anyone to use this layout if they want, but credit is much appreciated ^^ AND since i have nothing else to put here lemme put some links to my favourite pages here and some random widgetys idk where to put lol... :D


below this are things i specifically like the most so they're staying here. har har