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Hi there! Welcome to my website :)

Just a random hub for stuff I wanna share? Soon, when I get all this stuff working, I'm going to link some progress pages for projects I'm currently working on. :)

oh, and troy is my friend. this website is named after him, because why not.

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'cause i bet y'all are dying to know about me

Hello World! My name is Aiden Rodriguez, and I'm just a teenager aspiring to be some web developer from Austin, TX, USA (but fun fact I used to live in New York City, NY, USA.)
As you can see I work on a lot of things. Would I describe myself as a jack of all trades? Maybe? Am I yet a master of none? Do I even know what that phrase means? Double-maybe? I literally do not know.
Currently learning how to speak Spanish.
I have two sweet teeth, and they're right up at the front. I love to bake. Like, seriously. IRL friends reading this, you may walk up to me and turn this coupon in for one free apple pie. No, seriously.
NO! Not seriouslu!! i have revoked ALL coupons for free apple pie to irls. too many people asking!!!!!!! >:[[[[[[[[
Unfortunately, I am a fan of the SGE series by Soman Chainani. (Look it up.) I am part of the Ever-Never army (derogatory)
Fortunately, I love to read the Red Queen series by Victoria Aveyard!!
yet to read red school

my pets!

I (currently) have two cats and one dog. The cats' names are Tristan and Amelia, respectfully, and the dog's name is Vicky! Vicky is still a wee bonnie lassie. The cats are old.

(what tha dog doin)

some cute lil images of my pets!


picture of cat numero uno, amelia! goddamn it cat stop sleeping on my chest at night

(troy: that cat looks cute look shes even winking at me)


picture of rat cat rata tat tat

(troy: that cat looks dead inside lmao)


stinky ass motherfucker