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hello world! my name is aiden! and i like cats and drawing and writing and coding! my pronouns are he/him or die. basically this is just a random hub for stuff I wanna share? click around and explore, but beware of the cube cats. oh, and troy is my friend. this website is named after him, because why not. erm i would say my aesthetic is like a rainbowcore/glitchcore/lostcore/traumacore mixture? but i dont really talk about it irl because its mega cringe. (i was joking do what uou wanna do.) i am emo and dye my hair and wear black because those r my school colours. like the great odditycommodity once said: "you use pronounce and dye your hair green? skull emoji" and thats my new catchphrase

UPDATE: i just looked up what traumacore actually was and i would like to say that i dont actually like traumacore anymore. i feel like nostalgiacore is a better term. but i also love cottagecore and goblincore and dark academia because it reminds me of my girlfriend. i have two wolves: one is cottagecore and the other is breakcore. i have thepression (joke i think)

projects list!!!! (warning!!! these are just placeholders until i make designated pages for the links up above. this website is still very much a work in progress!)


i specifically like these things the most so they're staying here. har har