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Hello World! my name is aiden (and trying out the name andreas, idk lol) and I'm just some ex-ipad-kid teenager aspiring to be a kool webdev. i currently live in texas but i used to live in nyc :3.
as you can see i work on a lot of things. i like learning things so so so muccch :DD
currently learning how to learn more spanish!!! hola
uhhh i also like drawing. i said i was going to have an art page but uhhhhhhhhhhhh i so silly
i USED to be a sge fan but then i forgot about it and then the movie came out and i was like "man this kinda sucks... hope awwp comes out tho"
i also like a couple of other series but reading is suck (i still love it tho) and i like more visual things now. maybe i want to write a graphic novel? idk. lawl.
STILL yet to read the legendary red school, once i read that i will die a happy man.

I (currently) have two cats and one dog. The cats' names are Tristan and Amelia, respectfully, and the dog's name is Vicky! Vicky is still a wee bonnie lassie. The cats are old. you can see images of them here!

pet gallery!


picture of cat numero uno, amelia! goddamn it cat stop sleeping on my chest at night

(troy: that cat looks cute look shes even winking at me)


picture of rat cat rata tat tat

(troy: that cat looks dead inside lmao)


stinky ass motherfucker

DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS!!! i rly like christmas :3

how i came out as trans to my family

idk what to put here so heres a trans story. also yes i am trans. transphobes can get the hell on outta here and fall down a hole like my nekopet. so anyways i guess i never really felt like a girl when i was younger. if i had unrestricted access to the internet i wouldve called myself "not like other girls." but thank god i didnt. there was this one time i was using the public restroom at a pride event because my parents are super supportive, and as i was washing my hands, some drag queens came inside and they were like "oh hey girly" or wtv drag queens say (i dont rember) and i kinda had this "oh shit" realization moment where i was like "maybe i can go into the boys bathroom omg" and a few years passed and eventually in June of 2020 i came out to my family in the middle of a restaraunt anf i cried and me parents hugged me. so moral of the story? u r valid. heart emoji

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