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issue #6: me when nicky case made a blog post about neo shitties

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my sixth ever comic!!!!!

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panel one

jack: hi guys and welcome back to another issue of jack aric comic! dis my computer...

panel two

jack: i like coding a lot, and i think it's cool. and i'm cool, therefore it makes u cool!

panel three

jack: here is my neocities site...ive worked on it for months now :3

aric: ooo

panel four

jack: its super easy to make btw!! u only need to sign up, learn some html, and ur done!!

aric: ?herm

panel five

aric: maybe i wanna try to make a neo city's... how do i start a site...

jack: ?

panel six

jack: !!!gasp

panel seven

jack: so da first thing u wanna do is to go thru the tutorial

aric: ???

panel eight

jack blah blah blah html works in tags. < p> tags make paragraphs. < /p> < h1> tags make headings, and it goes 1-6. < /h1> < ol> and < ul> tags make lists with < li>!!! and u can use css with < style>

panel nine

jack: and boom! ur done!!! :)

aric: yay

panel ten

jack: coding is rly cool and fun bc you can put literally anything on it!!!

aric: *coding away*

panel eleven

jack: it may take a while, but soon you'll get better at it!! took me a bit but now i'm decent :)

computer: FATAL ERROR!!!

aric: ?

panel twelve

jack: i reccommend neocities for everyone!!! ppl deserve to be able to code, plus nit makes you at least 100x cooler :)

computer: COMPUTER WILL GO BOOM IN 5 4 3 2 1

aric: hey jack

jack: yeah what

panel twelve

nuke ending rip