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my eighteenth ever comic!!!!!

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panel one

jack + aric: hello everyone!!! happy mothers day!!!

panel two

jack: to celebrate the holiday, we're gonna show u guys all the ways to spend time w/ ur moms!!!

aric: ok u guys can come out now

panel three

jack's mom + aric's mom walk into the frame.

panel four

jack's mom + aric's mom: hello

jack + aric: YAYY

panel five

aric: now mothers day shall begin!!!

jack: yay

panel six

jack: both of our moms like baking, so we're going to bake a cake!!!

aric: hooray! cake! mothers day!

panel seven

jack's mom: so the first thing we are going to do is to mix our wet and dry-

alarm clock: RIIIING

panel eight

jack: times up!!!

alarm clock: ring

jack's mom + aric's mom: ?!??!!

panel nine

jack: ahh, the joys of shopping! yet another mothers day tradition!

aric's mom: and we'll have enough time for this??

jack: of cooourse!!!

aric: you look splendid, miss jack's mom!

jack's mom: marvelous

panel ten

aric's mom: great, then let's-

alarm clock: RIIIING

panel eleven

jack: yayy!! time for the next activity!!!

aric's mom looks angry.

panel twelve

jack: painting! yet another fun mother-son activity to do!

jack's mom: jack, sweetie, we will have enough time to finish this, right?

jack: uhhh

jack: of course momma

panel thirteen

jack's mom: okay good. then in that case let's keep d-

alarm clock: RRIIIIIINGGG

panel fourteen

jack: oops. hehe looks like it's time for the next activity...

jack's mom (looking angry): ...

panel fifteen

jack's mom: jack. darling. spending a few minutes on each activity is ruining mother's day. please, can we take our time with this.

jack: bwe... ruining...?

panel sixteen

jack (crying): snif...

jack's mom: oh, jack, i didn't mean it like that...

panel seventeen

aric's mom: hey, how about instead we just watch a movie together?

panel eighteen

jack: snif

jack: you guys would really like that?

aric: yea!

aric's mom: sure!

jack's mom: of course honey!!!

panel nineteen

jack: and finally watching a movie with your mom - the perfect way to end mother's day!

jack's mom: splendid.

aric: jack can u pass the popcorn

jack: ya sure

bill and ted: WYLD STALLYNS FOREVER!!!!

to be continued! ^^