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welcome to the lobby...

(here im going to use 2nd person pov just for funsies)

The grand, heavy doors of the museum open as soon as you step up to them, but you don't mind. A friend of a friend told you about this old place, and you like the supernatural anyways. It's dark, and dust flies around in the air, but through the windows sunlight penetrates through and highlights three corriodors. There doesn't seem to be anything else in the lobby, besides cobweb-ridden furniture cast away to the dark marble walls. You walk in, dust swirling from the ground with every footfall you make. Suddenly, the heavy doors swing closed with an ominous, echoing boom, and you nearly jump out of your skin. But a sudden wave of calm comes over you. The only way to go now is forward.

where would you like to go?

errmmm enjoy :3 might add more content 2 dis page l8r :33

tingys i wrote

why i put a museum setting and why museums are so dam cool!!!

when i was little LOVED going to The American Museum of Natural History. it's actually one of my favourite places ever to date. i loved that there was so much to learn about, ranging from the universe to early humans to crystals deep undergound to butterflies to dinosaurs. even tho it's been a few years since i went, i can still vividly remember going there over the summer with my dad and brother and sister. and that's why i love museums so much. you remember. ive made more memories there than i can count. so this is a tribute to The American Museum of Natural History. i give kudos to you. you're such a huge part of who i am. :]

why the personal web is fading and needs to stay

if im being honest i only recently learned about the term "the personal web" in the past year. but growing up in the late 2000s and early 2010s in Washington Heights with PBS kids and an old Macintosh as the family computer, i felt like i got a sense of "personal-webness." but now, in the corporate-ridden world of bland, white-and-blue-and-black themed "professional" sites - are what people think of when someone says internet. and this professionalism, "i'm-better-than-you" feel gives the net of personal sites like mine a bad rep because they seem "unfinished," and the ones that actually have enough content to compete are the ones people think about, like the ranfren drama and stuff, gives like a double negative buff to my site. and nfts, god. those things are so harmful to the web community, and ALSO HARMFUL TO THE ENVIRONMENT ON EARTH!!! so that's why i advocate for the web to be what it was made for - personal sites and making friends, not corporations trying to sell their newest line of shit. so that's my two cents. :]

i wanted to make my own web manifesto based off of Ryan's, obv this isnt better but i wanted to say something too