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Hi! this is the start of the OFFICIAL Acrophobia update website. Yay!!!

Acrophobia Update Log (or as i like to call it, the AUL :D)

hey hopefully I get to update this every week or so hmm

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April 14, 2022

for privacy reasons im temporarily taking down the script doc, so if you'll click the link for now it'll be a broken link, i'm gonna try to fix this later. but i'm starting to storyboard stuff, stay tuned! ^^

❤February 14, 2022❤

SINCE i am redesigning the layout on this page i might as well add another entry. this time im really gonna add acro character bios (which will be on the right container div bar thingy thing) because i feel so PUMPED and stuff!!!! :DDDDDD ANYWAYS the plot has been stewing in my head for a while. today i might even ask jeff bezos real if they can beta acro because they are like my only fan so far and they are lik,e super cool. like i am going to ask them RIGHT NOW probalbyl. anyways i guess its tradition to add a link to here, so here u go guys!!❤❤❤

February 10, 2022

hi its me again!! ur favourite transgender mexican guy!! wow it has been a while. like god motherfuckign zamn, acro has been on hold for a good three months or some. even though i have added a bit more to the doc and made a metric shitton of concept art (which i keep forgetting to add images of here >:[[[[[), arcrophobia has been sadly put on the rear range...for now. i would like to say i have gotten my first non-irl acrophobia fan??!? which i think is super cool???? so i would like to say thank you, seed aka jeff bezos (real), for being my first actual fan :]]]] i hope when i actually publish some form of acrophobia ppl will like it,, so far its only a buncha character sheets im gonna actually start working on more script (no matter how cringe the dialoguegue is rn)! scrip cringe

November 19, 2021

I just realized I should have organized each thing by panel, instead of like a stupid movie script im crying screaming rn anyways here u go

November 9, 2021

Did a whoole lotta progress today. Finished(?) the section titled "ACT TWO," after putting it off for like a month. wow. im like so cool
ONE DAy i will post drawings of all the Acrophobia characters, but i keep forgettinggggg to transfer pictures from my phone to this stupid chromebookk.... yes i know i can do this from my phone, but hve you ever tried to code HTML on a mobile phone? yeah
that guard x rafael otp ♡ /j
anywaysys the link hehe
i canbt believe you guys are actually listening to me to this jsjdn dfj

November 2, 2021 (the first update yay!)

Hmm, where to go with this. Lowkey wanting to headcanon (or, canon-canon) Rafael as a trans dude? Might not put it in the script ever but y'all heard it here first folks
Maybe if I'm so cool and swagger today I'll write the throne scene with that non-binary(?) royal ruler wtv they're called today!!? hmm probably not, this is just a tester post yk and as always (or starting now, lol): here's the link!
love y'all ♡