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ok so first of all i do not know how to make games. like at all.
I can CODE webPAgEs bUT noT GAmes
so, really, the only "high quality" (and only) game i've ever made so far wasn't even made with "real" code, just the stuff that whatever Twine uses (the default there is sugarcube). this isnt relevant anymore
I have a bunch of ideas for games and stuff, but it's the kind of stuff that takes years and years for hundreds of (skilled) people to make. so that's at a screeching halt for now. (unless I find a way to get my hands on unity. hey i wonder if i'm allowed to download it on my school chromebook? wait do i have to pay for it please let me know.... but i am worried that downloading anything bigger than a .mov will literally actually make my computer explode.)
buuuuuut since i can't really code yet nor have any good materials to do it with (other than twine but twine can be an m-word (meanie >:[) sometimes, i can just put the concept stuff here? 'cause i'm like super good at concept stuff haha


  1. wote (short for "warriors of the emberlands," yes it sucks ass i know)(also haha! acrophobia game hehe) (i dont know when im going to finish this because i definitely wanna finish making the actual acrophobia vn before any other media about it)
  2. rainy (named after my ex-friend rainy), VERY HEAVILY based off of the game "Rainy Attic Room" by SeonMin Park, i love that game sm) (also there is no link to a concept doc yet here because there is no concept doc yet!!! it does not exist so y'all are just going to have to wait until i'm skilled enough to actually code shit, lol)
    BUT! i can tell you guys how Rainy Attic Room, and thus rainy, works,, so basically you try to help your depressed friend finally move into their new place. they seem really shy, at first, but the more you talk to them (or at least try to talk to them,) order food for them, or go on walks with them, they'll start to open up. i would say it takes a lot of patience with this game, but honestly the soft piano music really pays off imo :))))) (ps: might not b making this game as i lost the motivation when i cut ties with mentioned friend lol)
  3. that game i made in Twine, no name yet also it is not finished but i wanted to share it here hehe
    TWINE!!!!! STOP BEING A BITCH!!!!! >:(((((((
  4. a game that my friend Cheszzzs made, (they can't edit it anymore because some bug idk,) go check it out!
    twine i swear to the coding gods pls


man why didnt i put this here earlier. greg is a game tingy made by me friend lyth using the godot engine. so far there's been a TON of progress!! cant wait until i help him translate it into spanish. i'll create soo much new lore

there's been 4? greglogs of gregress? so far? he's added a ton of new stuff which id say is really respectable (as a person who doesn't know how to make games that arent click-and-point.) so conrgrats for greg cant wait for the fanart :yippee:


IMPORTANT!! there are 17 greglogs as of 8.8.22 and most of them start linking to the iframe thing, and the text is white....i dont wanna bother lyth but like. lol so im going to say that there are 17 so far and ill just link the directory lol

greg dev directory
lythr0nax's pr0file

(i will not! post updates! harhar)

*i theorized this cat creeeacher! im gonna name him todd :D (also thanks lyth for drawing him)

here are some links to some games and gaming webstes i like to play on, hope this is at least helpful

(WARNING! ur gonna need flash for most of these games.)

HTwins.net, created by twins Cary and Mark(? i think thats his name) Huang, aka Jackinjellify, creators of the BFDI series and the idea of object shows (that might ring a bell.) the here there are in an amateur-style flash games, but don't be fooled. theyre actually kinda fun and are either based off of other amazing games, or have a totally awesome concept. take goime 500, for example, where you have to complete 500 trivial achievements to complete the game, or tide pool, which is a lot like the beginning stage of spore. you CAN find and play most of these games without needing flash on the INTERNET ARCHIVE. *holy music plays*

coolmath games. oh you really thought i would leave out coolmath games. sadly, my school administration is an asshole hive mind so coolmath games is blocked and theres no way i can play it on my school chromebook. :[ BUT that doesnt mean i can put it here. actually i dont even know if the link is right if it isnt someone pls tell me. i dont even think i need to explain this one. coolmath games is the god of game websites

ermmmm idk what else to put here? ill scourge (the verb not the person) my brain to find sum stuff but for now enjoy this! and also enjoy a picture of a duck why not :]

quackers ducc quenc

no second columbn! maybe i could talk about my favourite games and stuff? that would be cool i think but you guys have to wait for now.

games i would like to talk about here!

  1. mine craf
  2. it takes two
  3. tearaway unfolded
  4. how much i hate song of the deep jk ill never talk about that! L
  5. terraria? hm

mind craft is super cool (but i hate mcyt stans)

so i think ive been playing minecraft since i was 5? i think my dad's friend got it on my ipad or something....but anyways minecraft has been a huge part of my life, id say. a few years later when me and my siblings got a ps4 one christmas, and we got minecraft and i learned to play on console and WOWZERS. and it was on the old console version (if you remember them HIGH FIVE!! and if you remember the tutorial worlds FIST BUMP!!!) so like double wowzies. so i played, made some worlds, sadly lost a few worlds, and then it switched to bedrock, which took a while, but i played more. sadly lost more worlds due to file corruption :(, recently (like yestersay lmao) i just started playing java (a new chapter?). but the lesson here is that im practically a minecraft kid with those creeper shirts and plushies and stuff. no i dont really have those. yes i do want them. so the point is minecraft is one of my cornerstones. it might be cringe but honestly. ball minecraft is life. so now the part with the mcyt stans. i have nothing against (most?) content creators or people who think that the stuff they do is cool. but there is a point where it just gets downright idolizing/toxicity towards innocent people. that group just gets televised so much, it just makes an aura of "oh mcyt bad oh" you know. and sadly because of this a lot of minecraft content creators are leaving, which sucks big time. this is probably going to be another dip in minecraft's popularity, but im gonna keep playing it regardless. ANYWAYS lamentation over, lol. tldr; mcyt stans bad, mcyts not necessarily bad. thyank you for ur time