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welcome to the bugpage!

wait i see a bug

hello and welcome to the cool webpage about bugs because bugs are cool. im trying to implement a theme toggle switcher thing but its my first time so it may not work :p

what is bug?

BUGS are any small critter, or creepy crawly, that inhabits the ground. sometimes it flies in the air. sometimes they burrow in the ground. INSECTS are those small critters and creepy crawlies that have 6 legs, and sometimes a pair of wings (sometimes encased by elytra, hard cases that cover and protect the fragile wings.) TRUE BUGS (order Heteroptera) have two pairs of wings, needle-like mouthparts that can penetrate surfaces, and undergo complete metamorphosis. there are many other type of insect in the world, like beetle, and also butterfly! the world is an amazing place!

black beetle 1black beetle 2black beetle 3

coolest bug in the world

coolest bugs in the world is beetle. they make this sound: "beetle!" and they can fly with their silly little wings. i want a pet beetle! i would name him greg. i wish insects were still big enough to ride on like a cool form of publictransit. this is why we need to plant more trees and grasslands!

this is the end of bug.net

for now... check out my other shrines about real life things! like sharks and audio/video tech! when i make a webpage for them of course. stay silly

fork the code for this layout on codepen!

theme switcher code by june neocity

also, whoever is hoarding the domain for bug.net is really stinky and i should have that domain now. because bug.net is a freaking awesome domain name