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welcome to my silly little blawg

March 22, 2023

bruh i hate school so much...... yesterday i had to take a mock AP test (the subject was human geogrpahy) and jfc i feel so drained..... 60 minutes to answer 60 questions is so unfair due to the fact it usually takes me a minute to actually read the question... and then i had 75 minutes to answer 3 written questions divided up into 7 parts... with 5 minutes for an outline for each that's only less than 3 mnutes to answer each question. jfc. fuck AP tests. i didnt even choose to be placed in AP bruh! fuck this place!

image of the blog entry?!??!?!pt6

at school rn so i can only use the images i have saved on the dashboard rn lol

March 16, 2023

TW long ass blog post

WOW!!! i just got back from my one week long trip to new york. i am so exhausted. ill try to squeeze my experience into this blog post.... hear we go..... FRIDAY: ok so on friday morning (literally like, 5:30 am????? lol??) me and my family woke up and got into an oova javva to the airport. at the airpord we checkeed in and i had to get a patdown at tsa and it was a bit embarassing because the guy found my phone in my pocket. i forgot to put my phoen on the thing.... what a fool i am... anyways 2 flights later and we land in nyc and by then it was already 4:30, so we checked into the hotel (we were on the top floor!!!! and it was in midtown manhattan too... vv fancy) and went 2 a pub in uptown to say hello to old friends. TANGENT: i miss riding the subway when i was younger. i loved riding it on the trip. grah i really love public transit!!!!! (tangent over) and the pub was rly cool so i took a few pics of the place... and of my burger too... o yea i decided i was going to take pictures of what i ate there for some unknown reason??? i can feel instagram coming inside me... SATURDAY: we woke up and had breakfast at this rly nice cafe before we went to the subway to go to the museum (the AMNH) that we always went to when we were younger. my dad really enjoyed going there. then we went to thw whole foods at columbus circle because we were going to have a dinner party at our hotel room!!! and then we went to central park (i love that playgiorund....)... and then we had the party!!! vv fun but i ended up going 2 sleep past mdinight x-x... SUNDAY: we checked out of the hotel and my dad took me and my brother to a rental car place (we were going uptown + sleepy hollow later, lol) and then we went to this restaurant called La Nueva Espana. JFC AND A HALF I LOVE THAT PLACE SM!!!!!!! THEIR BREAD FUCKS!!!!! HOLY SHIT. anyways. we saw some friends we havent seen in literally years!!! they look so different.... and i had to come out as trans to them but they were cool wit it :D and one of them was actually nonbinary!!!! based... anyways after eating there we went 2 the park and had a walkabout with them. plus we traded discords! pretty cool. after that, we drove up to sleepy hollow to stay there 4 the night... but not until we went to this grocery store called stew leonards!!! we kind of went there for the hell of it, lol! i liked going there as a kid. AFTER THAT: we drove up to albany (jack aric city) and stayed at our aunts house for the next days, lol. IT SNOWED!!!!!! i built an amogus snowman, lol. and then on thursday morning we left! (btw, albany international airport is super tiny????) i watched that everything everywhere all at once movie on the second connecting flight and i kind of liked it??? but i was also rly confused, lol??? anyways. we made it back home like 3 hours ago. my dad cooked some noodles and ground beef and believe it or not that was the best damn food i eaten on the whole trip. the end

image of the blog entry?!??!?!pt5

friend i made in that cafe from saturday : )

March 9, 2023

hello all! i am going on a trip to new york tomorrow!!!! i am so excited!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :DDD!! also im on a call with my friends right now! it was so fun talking to them as i finished halftoning jack aric comic! yay! ASLSO!!!!! VERY IMPORTANT!!!! I WAS AT THE WATERPARK THE OTHER DAY!!!!!!!! AND I MET SOMEONE!!!! AND HE GAVE ME HIS PHONE NUMBER!!! GRAHHH IM SO HAPPY. HIS NAME IS MATTHEW. HE IS SO FUNNY AND ALSO CUTE. I AM SO HAPPY. WE ARE TEXTING NOW :great: grahh i feel butterflys. anyways that is it so far. will add image of the blog entry soon. i am about to leave. ADIOS!!

image of the blog entry?!??!?!pt4 (16.3.23 update)

this image reminds me of the turmoiling relationship ofbenny sir sugarforshaped and his boyfriend bozo aka harvey. truly poetic

March 6, 2023

HELO! GUESS WHAT!! I FINALLY HAVE ALL OF THE GORILLAZ ALBUMS IN VINYL!!!!!!! YAHOO!!!!! I AM VERY HAPPY NOW. BUT THIS ALSO MAKES ME WONDER. what next? well. i dug through the old boxes of vinyl i had in my garage and found some cool old vinyls!!! including:! Live Mechanical Sound Effects In Stereo! yes that is real. yes i llistened to the whole thing. i like it. very cool! also! it is currently spring break for me. i am heading to new york for a week on friday!!!! yahoo!!!! hopefully i can finish a jack aric comic before i leave!!!! fun fact! jack aric takes place in albany, and i am going there! very surreal. i might make a jack aric comic where the backgrounds are real life...heehoo....

image of the blog entry?!??!?!pt3


February 28, 2023

hi and happy and of the month!!!!! guess what!!!! i am learning javascript!!!!!!!!! very cool!!!!!!!! see look at what i can do: console.log('hello i\'m am a string!!! haha woww!!! look at me go!!!'); see isnt that pretty cool? put that into a js ide right now!!!!! anyways. i just finished an ela test. not too bad but im a little bit bored now bc no puedo escuchar a musica... idrc tho :thumbs up: i did get to draw though!!! oh that reminds me. finish gallery page. i swer im almost done! look at the codepen for it. see! :eye:... speaking of coding, my wrist is fully healed!!! and i went to the skate park the other day!! i am getting gooder.. might make a page on how much i love skating soon... (skating shrine?) anyways. i think i am done rambling. might also work on jack aric webquest... omg i can put js into it!!!! wauw!!!!!!! ok see you guys

image of the blog entry?!??!?!pt2

i have had this jerma on my neocities dashboard since who knows when. how did this get here. what. how. who. why. where. where is germ 'ma 985?

February 19, 2023

HELLO EVERYONE!!!!!!! I JUST CAME BACK FROM CAMPING!!!!!!!! VERY FUN!!!!!! I WENT CANOEING (and caught 0 fish but it was still very fun) and i also did some minigolf!!!! (i got 2st place, my mom got 1th >:() but overall it was very fun!!!!!!!!!!! i love roasting marshies!!!!!!!! i love nature so much!!!!!! very cool camping trip 9/10 would camp again....! other than that, not much has happened? my wrist is healing!! yay!! i havent been using it much cuz of the brace, so its gotten noticeably thinner than my right hand... ah well.. and i think thats it!!! im going to get working on jack aric comic 15!!! :D cya guyz...

image of the blog entry?!??!?!

decided to start an image of the week (week being blog entry) so what other than to sart with a bfdi?!?!? image by theboxfort on tumblr

February 13, 2023

hellow... a few things hath happened... so first thing last monday my mom went to austria for a week!! she just got back home yesterday!!! also its her 50th birthday!!!! yahoo!!!!! on another note.... i sprained my wrist yesterday, LOL. i was rollerblading really fast and there was a guy on a bmx bike coming my way, and it was too late for either of us to stop, so we crashed into each other :(((( i fell on my wrist and i must have sprained it that way, rip. i also bruised my knee and hit my jaw really bad (its fine rn tho.) it was nobodys fault, he apologized and helped me up too :))) i just have to wear this stuipid brace until it heals which might take like 2 weeks >:( i feel cool tho because this is kind of like my actual first skating related injury. yahoo! hope i dont break anything anytime soon. that would suck. on the bright side!!! im able to draw on my brace!!! >:D OMG ALSO!!!!! MY DAD STARTED SKATEBOARDING TOO!! he used to do it in high school so he remembered how to do it!!!!!! hes so happy and that makes me happy :D anyways thats all in the life of aiden so far, stay tuned for something special coming on the 14th! :)))

February 4, 2023

ok so... basically after i had posted that, the next morning the power went out..... for 3 days........ um yea........ which really sucks.... but at least that is over! yay! now i shall talk about my horrible 3 days without power. school was cancelled for the rest of the week so i couldnt really do anything except go to the library and charge things. i had to shower at a friends place :( not cool. :(.... and my houise had no heat (it was like 50 degrees inside...) so i had to bundle up. overall it sucked and i never want this to happen again. (too bad this happens every time theres a moderately sized snowstorm...) today was my first full day with power so i did fun things!!!! like staying warm!!!!! i also dyed my hair blue and green because i couldnt decide between the two, LOL... on a completely unrelated tanget, i binged all of BFDI/BFDIA/IDFB/BFB during my time without power.... really makes me want to make a bfdi shrine because omg i just love that webseires so much.... carykh is so cool...... goime 500 my beloved..., anways, think thats it, hopefully i go skating tmrw... also surprisingly im starting to miss my friends frum skool... anywayz thats it!!! thank u for reading!!!! :D

January 31, 2023

GUESS WHAT!!!!!!!!! SCHOOL WAS CANCELLED TODAY!!!! AND TOMORROW TOO!!!!! YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY A SNOW DAY!!!!!! (in reality it wasnt really a snow day; it just barely got icy but texans cant drive in icy weather, so NO SCHOOL! YIPPEE!) i woke up a bit early at like 6am, probably muscle memory or something or whatever thats cllaed lmao. sooo then i madew breakfast at like 7am, eated it with my fam at 8am, did klaundry at 9, played some minecraft at 10 with mis amigos for a bit... then i had dino nuggies and macn and cheese for lunch!!! thank u dad ur the best!!! thennn i worked on jack aric comic, doing like 100 jumping jacks every half hour to keep the blood flowing (since i didnt go outside all day lol), which gave me enough motivation to finish!!!!! :DDD aand thats basically been my day so far, lol. idk what im gonna do tmrw, since the school day is cancelled tmrw too, hopefully do some decorating / sewing stuff onto my pants, which ive got very into recently. i just love sewing! :D or maybe i can bang out another jack aric comic in like 6 hours like i did for issue 12. other than that, lifes been good! havent had time to keep practicing skateboarding but hopefully when it wamrs up i can go to the park and practice again! :D cya guyz! x)))))

January 23, 2023

HI!!!!! SORRY FOR NOT UPDATING MY SITE IN SO LONG!!!!!! it really gets hard to think of what to add to my site when its been up for at least a year... i might add some silly recipes doe.... i can make some banger cookies.... anywayz, my weekend was pretty fun! i downloaed steam friday night and used my friends account to log in (which apparently doxxed me to him lmao,) and i played undertale for the 1th time ever!!!!! i went 2 the mall on saturday and got some cool rainbow stuff (i love rainbows :D) from claires and hot topic (polar opposite stores but they still have good stuff,) and i picked up my mom from her trip x) and thennn on sunday i went 2 the park t go rollerblading / skateboarding!!!! this was my 1nd day on a skateboard and im already getting better!!!! and for dinner my family and i made brugers... yummy...... soo yea that wuz my weekend x)))))) ciao!!!!!

January 18, 2023

hello all! i am feeling a bit eepy today! probably because i went on a mini field trip for the newspaper club!!! i went 2 the capital building, and this place called the "texas tribune" which was vv fun! afterwards i got some foods from the 7 eleven and had a picnic, before going back 2 school. i also gave troy his mix CD, and his reaction seemed really happy and genuine, :), but i told him to get a cd player from goodwill cuz i dont have one lmao (hbd troy!!!!!). also, 2day i found out that me and my friends made the top 50 in the grade, so we get to go on another field trip together! wahoo! we're going to the big library downtown, which is fun, but it's kind of boring for the top 50 :p still beats going 2 skool lmao. i told a lot of my teachers about my new burning-cd hobby, and that if any of them wanted me to burn anything onto a cd i could totally do it. other than that, 2day hasn't been too eventful, but yesterday was kind of shit in the first half. for starters, i scalded my hand on 180-something degree water :( but now its better :D anywayz thats all i have 4 now, ciao!! :D

January 13, 2023

BOO!!!!!! did i scare u!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!? "boohooo aiden why did u scare me like dat boohoo" u might say. WELL ITS FRIDAY THE 13TH!!!! YIPPEE!!!!!!! I LOVE FRIDAY THE 13RDTH!!!!! SO FUN AND SPOOPY AND EEPY. anywayz, life has been fine but this week has been sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo longgggggg. BUT AT LEAST WE HAVE A 3 DAY WEEKEND!!!! YAHOO!!!!! THAT ANARCHY SITE (most likely going to be called publictransit/transport) THAT I MENTIONED LAST WEEK IS GOING TO BE SET UP 2DAY OR TOMORROW CUZ WE FINALLY SETTLED ON A NAME!!! DOUBLE YAHOO!! other than that..... nothing rly swawesome happened dis week. i gave troy his jacket back after i had it for like a whole week lolmao. ooh also in msm i finally got a ghazt!!!!! totally epic!!! s tier monster btw and also that reminds me to make a msm shrine... i E> (square heart cuz a normal one messes up da code) that game sm :3 anywayz, if ur intrerested in that anarchy site, ill let u guyz know abt it when its up!!!!!!!! but now i must go!!!! and do other things!!!!! peace!!!!!!!

January 7, 2023

hello all! as of now i am working on a new blog page layout. it looks prettyy swawesome to me tbh i rly like it. my day has been pretty big. first of all i woke up and worked on this some. then i eated brekfast, went 2 target, and my brothers friend came over so we could go bowling. i got second place btw. then we went 2 ikea so my mom could get some picture frames?idk lol and then we went hoome and my brother and his friend jammed out with their instruments on the deck before he had to leave. pretty cool! also, my friends and i on the transing the internet discord server were talking about anarchy sites and then we were like. omg we shuld TOTALLY make an anarchy/communal site. that wuld be so awesome. that wuld be so cool. so ya we did decide to make it but we need to decide on a name lmao so thats gonna take abt a week bc theres ppl from literally every timezone lawl... i will link it to my site when its up!!!! so happi... and ya thats how my day has been!!! :D

December 31, 2022!

hi hi!!! happy new years!!!!!!! here's a little thing i made about my new years thingz lol im so tired

27 de agosto, 2022

hello it is me once again touching this blog to reupdate the site. i have a headhurt but ive been unproductive all day so i feel obligated to do it. im in another city rn to see my gparents but now im going 2 get icecream....byeeeeee

July 18, 2022

chromebook tribute

May 9, 2022

its been a month again but here i am. hello, hola, bone jaw. i have 4 state issued tests this week and theyre 4 hours long each, wish me luck D:.... i also have some bad news: i misplaced my sketchbook and pencil case in the band room at school and now theyre gone...i even emailed the band teacher about it but he cant find them......i rly hope they arent lost forever i have really good drawings there and ive been using that sketchbook since december and that pencil case had a lot of stuff in it...... i rly hope it gets found im not even concerned about anyone seeing my drawings anymore tears tears...i will let u guys know if it is found (i promise i will make art gallery on this site)

April 8, 2022

boy oh boy i havent made a post here in a while. totally didn't forget that this page even existed...har har har...anyways... i think it would be cool if i made something like a virtual band or something... like mdrforever....i already have a few good ideas....but the problem is i dont know any music theory...but it would be cool to make a zine off of them. i do already have a band name that i thought of a while ago but gradually became a better and batter idea....wait for it...its called "cats cats cats" or just "cats3"...amazing right
ALSO! ita my brothers birthday today :D im going to bake a blue cake because hs favourite colour is blue. yaya happy day


this blogpost is very special because its TWOSDAY INNIT! AND ON A TUESDAY AS WELL!! just gonna say that i was here >:))))) on chewsday tooosday. pls help me (i think i might have tacos :0) BUT anyways i have made a ton of very cool epic neofriends!!!and we have a gc together on discorb!!! once it reaches 10 i kinda wanna make a whole server (thinking emoji) is this the start of a webring? (thnking emoji x2)

February 15, 2022

happy post-valentines day!! tho it might still be the 14th somewhere idk a lot about time zones. anyways im adding an entry here because im redesigning the layout here, so like why not, lol. um well um whats interesting? troy got me a bar of chocolate yesterday, so thats nice :)) i shared some with him and chess because im so nice B) other than that i didnt get any other gifts, lol (teards)

February 10, 2022

wowzers i havent been here in a long time. a lot ov stuff has happened so far? idk, lol. im still using this old trashy chromebook for coding and i still havent got my brothers old pc yet. sad....but once my brother moves out in like a year ill get it i think??? OOH i have made a buncha neofriends here. vastrecs and scourgescloset and odditycommodity are, like, SUPER COOL!!!!, we even traded discords, and we have a gc and we talk code and yeah :]]]]] i lov coding

November 29, 2021

oops sorry for the 11 days of not posting lol, i was enjoying thanksgiving break with my family thank u very much. i dyed my hair green also??? i had to bleach it first bc my hair is super dark and my mom let me??? what??/?/?? i also got a cool camera that prints out the pictures i forgot what those are called AND AND AND and THE COMSBO SHELDRIA SWEATDSHIRT CHESSI GOT ME IS HERE NOW I AM wearing it RIGHT NOW WHEHEHHEHEHEE TYSM CHESSI [HEART EMOJI HEART EMOJI HEART EMOJI H]

November 18, 2021


November 15, 2021


November 12, 2021

y'all i showed my friend that cosmo sheldrake sweatshirt and how much (much how how and) i wanted to get it and i looked over at her screen and she had a tab open that said "how much does it cost to knit..." Y'ALL I LOVE HER SM
UPDATE i accdentally looked at her screen again ans she had the tab open to the website CHESS GOD BLESS U

November 11, 2021

first blogpost? i'm just getting this thing started. nothing interesting going on, really... i convinced yet another one of my friends to make a neocities website, yay... my birthday is in 5 days!! i hope i get my own laptop or desktop - i don't really care, as long as it's better than this school chromebook i'm using currently. also, i really want to get the much much how how and i sweatshirt from the cosmo sheldrake website?

no thoughts head empty


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Dolores O'Riordan

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haiii my namesss aidennnn but u propbably know that already lol... click the sillly button for a silly little fact abt me.. :3

now im just gonna copy paset from my old abt me lmao

Hello World! my name is aiden (not troy. pls stop calling me troy. if one more person calls me troy i will violence.) and I'm just some ex-ipad-kid-now-turned-teenager aspiring to be a kool webdev. or work at a tattoo place but my mom would probably say no. but i want to pursue something arty and enjoy life and etc. i currently live in texas but i used to live in nyc :3, but my family and i are thinking of moving back to ny :0
as you can see i work on a lot of things. i like learning things so so so muccch :DD
currently learning how to learn more spanish!!! hola
uhhh i also like drawing. i said i was going to have an art page but uhhhhhhhhhhhh i so silly. update: i still so silly!
i USED to be a sge fan but then i forgot about it and then the movie came out and i was like "man this kinda sucks... hope awwp comes out tho" bc awwp is my favorite book in the sge series...and also because i want to see who casts as aric pls pls also dont fuck up the trans character and dont kill her off pls pls
i also like a couple of other series but reading is suck (i still love it tho) and i like more visual things now. maybe i want to write a graphic novel? idk. lawl. jack aric has already reached 12 pages and 6 zines, so, like, thats basically a graphic novel. hip hip hooray!
STILL yet to read the legendary red school, once i read that i will die a happy man. oh funny story! one time i sent the illustrator (joel gennari) some red school tedros photo edits and he was like "what" and i forgot what i said but i think i weirded him out uhhhh joel. i.m sorye pls forgiv me
oh also this abt me used to have images of my pets but i willlll putttt that somewhereeeee idk lawl.

mouse over this image itll be funny i swear


HAI!!!!! HI ^^ HAI!! :3 HI :D :DDDD HAII