if you are reading this on mobile. i am. so sorry

hello everyone! i have decided to open commissions! well, i have been for a while, but just this week i got the jeenyus idea to make a commish page on my site. yeah!!! if you like art, like my art, like me, like supporting artists, or like supporting trans people, THIS PAGE IS FOR YOU!

los precios


each additional character / subject is $5!!! can be either in traditional* or digital!
*traditional art will cost 50% extra.


**price really depends on the size of the graphic u want


additional pages are an extra $5, colored pages are 2x the price. comic can be about whatever your little heart desires!***

***I WILL NOT DRAW NSFW, GORE, NUDITY ETC. go find someone else for that dawg

how to contact me!

the easiest way to contact me is through my discord @boyboobs (i apologize immensely), or emailing me bbaiden525@gmail.com! i only take cashapp for now but im considering opening a paypal or somethin

some examples of my wonderful talent

^this one is like from a year ago lol

^this one is from a couple months ago