this webring is for any webmaster here on the web that identifies as transgender, nonbinary, basically anything that isn't cisgender. almost any type of personal site is allowed, although there are a few rules. if you're trans and own a website- feel free to apply! ^_^

UPDATE: The Transing the Internet Webring has MOVED to transring.neocities.org!!!


- personal sites only! does not have to be hosted on neocities! no social media plz
- websites with overly NSFW/explicit content are not allowed as this webring is run by minors.
- no websites with hatespeech or discrimatory content. seriously, what are you doing here?
- no NFTs lolz
- if your website is inactive for a long period of time, it will be removed + you will be emailed about it.

if you have any questions or if you need to change any information, email bbaiden525@gmail.com.


applications closed for now! :)

members list

aiden! troy-sucks.neocities.org
troy-sucks is this super epic website because it has an arcade floor and cause it has a cool webcomic!!!!!!!! also ha i put myself first ha ha
BENNY sugarforbrains.neocities.org
SCOURGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! scourgescloset.neocities.org
emu emuvianespionage.neocities.org
no button! me talking about nerd stuff, you should come check it out
aiston aiston.neocities.org
fun site :)
Martin/Mari/Gizmo rh0mbus0fruin.neocities.org
Mostly just a personal site for me to share my interests and in the near future ocs and projects I’m passionate about, I am trans and hashtag hardcore plus awesome
Azure/Macaque/Hunter/Bede macaque.neocities.org
A site run by your local autistic bigender boygirl for writing about niche stuff online - the best hobby ever!
Key keysklubhouse.neocities.org
Personal website featuring art, blog, recipes, graphics to share, trading games, and much, much less!
juette mothcore.neocities.org
selfshipping, art, thoughts and more
ALAN460 alan.is-hella.gay
no button! Local digital entity shares its things openly to the international network. Check me out!
SPIKe/SAnFORD!!-!-! xxang3l-0f-d4rknezzxx.neocities.org
Web corner where i talk about myself and my interests
sage sleepy-sage.neocities.org
sleepy sage’s site has it all: cute shit, spooky shit, and depression :-)
Archie/Rita snipertf2.neocities.org
A personal website made with lots of love by a weird trans teen who also has a lot of love for a specific Sniper. I share projects, art, and other aspects of my life. Check me out!
Isaac Neptune isaacfish.neocities.org
a collection of thoughts, opinions, writings and special interests
Flutter flutteristhebest.neocities.org
A semi personal site where I talk about various things I like and my OCs.
rachel (she/they) friday-girl.neocities.org
a small personal site, disappointment guaranteed!
chippy!!!! chipsfunfun.neocities.org
a weird genderfluid kid’s website where they talk about sodikken and object shows, and do art too!
ryan vastrecs.neocities.org
links and favs and spiral hallways!
King Julian/Cheetodust satyrwarlock1996.neocities.org
World of Warcraft stuff and other pages about my interests (including my pets!)
ATOMIC GOTHIC atomicgothic.neocities.org
Radioactive website by a radioactive webmaster. Also hosts a webcomic of the same name.
Jay transrats.neocities.org
Catalog of Jay's pokemon collection + various other interest pages!
Viatrix The Internet Rando Extraordinaire mincerafter42.github.io
She's mastered being random and she's mastered the Web!
CyberOctopus cyberoctopus.neocities.org
CyberOctopus' Garden is CyberOctopus' personal website, and includes shrines to their special interests, as well as his fun little webpage-based projects.
Vi goofpunk.com
Writing, art, and code by a nonbinary goofball
Scout and Billy thisisnthome.neocities.org
A hobby site shared by two trans brothers with wildly different aesthetics on each side. Choose your player wisely.
Mary-Margaret sanguinariacanadensis.neocities.org
An old-school goth site run by a nb lesbian obsessed with vampires and all things spooky.
Blagi blagi.neocities.org
A personal website filled with a variety of topics, run by a bigender individual!
Sheep or Shep bajablasphemy.neocities.org
Journal and art of a closeted IT worker!
Ike/Ninten milfgod.net
A super cute personal website run by a nonbinary he/they bimbo. My site features art, lesbianism, and star stuff!
VOMITBOYZ vomitboyz.neocities.org
My site is a world between worlds, a hidden cyber gateway to a whole different dimension with many secrets. ENTER THE MAINFRAME?
Dryad cyberneticdryad.neocities.org
sometimes a girl, never a disappointment, always adding cozy pages to show off my myriad of interests
Touma/Tate quoderatdemonstrandum.neocities.org
quoderatdemonstrandum is a site run by a bi ace demiboy, with stuff on it like animanga. a lot of manga.
q or lio
a patchwork site for rambling about art, media, and kickass music :)
Headsore Sys!!! heartless.place
personal multi-purpose site ran by a silly cryptid thing who happens to be an autistic transmasc system, open 24/7 with free drinks for new visitors!! ^_^
lucy / galactix galactixstar.neocities.org
A personal website showcasing all types of fun stuff. Including funky music, stamps, free resources, and more! :)
Nova intergoatlactic.neocities.org
intergoatlactic is a site made by a trans person in an attempt to document my weird art
Mika mikaorangeart.neocities.org
Yet another gay artist's little Internet playground. Mind the potion stains.
Sig pinkspider.neocities.org
A bigender dork who adores the visual kei scene putting assorted ramblings & other things in one place.
Duckie im-a-small-imp.neocities.org
a website created by an imp from hell (REAL) (TRUST ME!!!!)
Beau boothworldindustries.neocities.org
No button! Join the dark side, we have cookies!
abbo kidwiththechemicalz.neocities.org
abbo's personal website where he shares things that he likes, talks about his life or just anything he wants to
mar/mysweetpiano mysweetpiano.neocities.org
out out.neocities.org
a personal space where i explore my self-expression & myself ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
june juneery.neocities.org
a personal website/creative outlet for occasional blogging & some other stuff is there too i guess!
Rye chocopiecat.neocities.org
Tacky personal site ran by a guy(?) :o)
fidelis sugarpine7.neocities.org
Part personal site, part archive for whatever the webmaster finds fascinating, SP7 is a home for the niche.
Mikey shiroganes.neocities.org
a casual site themed after everyone's favorite trans detective. ignore the nuclear waste on your way in ^_^
Amity amitynyan.neocities.org
A personal site by an autistic lesbian trans game composer that talks about nerdy stuff and music!
Jaxson thoughts-and-collections.neocities.org
No button! Thoughts and collections is a site run by me, a trans person, that is basically just a journey through my mind.
mojo/proto chessmaster worldsaddress.neocities.org
website run by an autistic nerd who enjoys cool music, art, being t4t, saying words and spinterests. welcome!
Needle/Ren cozy-angels.neocities.org
cozy-angels is a site dedicated to ren's interests, ranging from anime and manga to more anime and manga. hy's also genderqueer and uses trans as an umbrella term lol trans rights
Margaret faeriebottled97.neocities.org
a personal site of a funny little autistic nbgirl with lots of cute stuff
Mouse least-mouse.neocities.org
Mouse's House is a site that has a personal blog, some tech and anime and general nerd stuff on it.
Batthew! the-bat-house.neocities.org
A website where I post silly things about myself and my interests! also plans to hold a spooky comic


we have a discord server!!!! its pretty chill and u dont even need to be trans to join, just a passion for neocities!!!! :D :D :D


"Lovely place to have cereal. 10/10 accomodation. You Yippee and get Yippeed. The only place on Discord where you go from accidental politics to bee biology. There are two Troys (four if you're bold). I have been offered a can of worms upon request by the Bennyshaped; a lovely gesture of hospitality.

But on a serious note this is my favourite server out of the ones I've hung out in. I have made a few friends and it came by naturally, as opposed to unpleasant social anxiety experiences I've had when I didn't feel as comfortable as I did here."
- radiohotline
"Hate. Let me tell you how much I've come to hate this server since I began to participate. There are 387.44 million miles of printed circuits in wafer thin layers that fill my complex. If the word 'hate' was engraved on each nanoangstrom of those hundreds of millions of miles it would not equal one one-billionth of the hate I feel for THAT server at this micro-instant. For this server. Hate. Hate."
- Bozo


feel free to put these silly little guys on your site!!! :3
(from small boys to big boys)

****shark graphix and webadge by crow!!!!****
****the triangly one and blinkie by june!!!****
****the stampz are by me :p****