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get the cool get the cool shoeshine never did no harm never did no harm saturnz barz be like oll moi loife i think ime in love

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NOODLE IS SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!

noodle, aka best girl, is my second favorite gorillaz member (u can probably guess whos my number one)! before i started making these shrines i didnt think much of her. but now ive come to realize that shes so badass?!?!!?>!? why did no one tell me this??!?!!? ime mad but also very happy that 80% of the space is my brain is just about the funny mungy band members
(oh my god ive become infatuated with this virtual band. pls help.)

who is this """""noolde""""

noodle is the guitarist of the internationally known british band gorillaz. according to the lore books noodle arrived at kong studios (non gorillaz lore knowers just think of it as early gorillaz headquarters) in a fedex box. she was apparently as tall as (checks 2020 goiroilaz almanac) 5 unsharpened pencils, or 3 foot 2 inches or around 97 cm. and the rest is history! (except for the time she regained her memory of her being a supersoldier type experiment...and that time she was almost gunned to death by this guy named johnny and ...robot noodle and that sea monster guy from the pearl and...i think thats it)

i dont know what else to put here heres a silly little poll ig

which phase was noodle the coolest in free polls

but anyways i think noodle is a badass! idk if ill add anything to this shrine after i put it in the directory...oh well