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welcome to my silly bfdi shrine

here i shall go silly over the bfdi webseries... yay

BTW! i'm making this layout free to use!!!! credit appreciated though ^^

what is a bfdi?

BFDI, short for battle for dream island, is a game-show-type webseries created by twins Cary and Michael Huang. episode 1a, Take The Plunge, was released on january 1st, 2010 i believe? (im too lazy to look it up lmao) and the series has been going on since then, split up into 5(?) seasons. in order, those seasons are:

  1. Season 1: BFDI (Battle For Dream Island, jan 1 2010 - jan 2 2012), 25 episodes i think
  2. Season 2: BFDIA (Battle For Dream Island Again, jun 30 2012 - aug 2 2013), only 5 episodes but episode 5 is split up into 5 parts, one of which is a game! (requires flash)
  3. Season 3: IDFB (dnalsI maerD roF elttaB, sep 1 2016 - sep 1 2016), only 1 episode :(
  4. Season 4: BFB (Battle for B.F.D.I., later renamed to Battle for B.F.B., nov 3 2017 - apr 9 2021), 30 episodes!!!
  5. Season 5: TPOT (The Power Of Two, jan 10 2021 - ), split from BFB on episode 16 i think

as of now, all of those add up to 76 episodes? wauw

i was really obbsessed with BFDI as a child???? lmao

i have very very very faint memories of watching bfdia on our ipad when i was like. 4 or 5. a few years later, in 3rd grade (i must have been 7-8 then) the series must have popped up on my recommended again because i started getting into it again. like really into it. it was probably my first hyperfixation or something (am i allowed to use that term when im not diagnosed with anything? im probably not autistic, lol.) ever since then ive been a somewhat active fan of bfdi. every so often i rewatch the entire series since its so fun :3 havent gotten to tpot yet tho? ill try 2 be an active voter :p alsoo i think it would be really cool and fun and silly if i sewed a firey plushy lmao

look at this masterpiece

around 3rd grade i think? i had started to get in my bfdi phase, like, for real this time. there are other documents lost to time where i just made fanart of each contestant on a page of notebook paper... if i find them im sharing them here immediately

bfdi tierlist?

he'll yes

this is not just my definitive opinion, but actually fact. anyone else who thinks different is wrong sorry


bfdia is the best season btw

this is the left side

welcome and enjoy these graphics i found after 5 minutes of searching on tumblr

stamps by thisdastampdoesnotexist on tumblr!

the entirety of bfdi 1a as a gif lmao

blinkies by nnugatoryextravagance on tumblr!