jack and aric looked at the place where greg gregged off to, then behind them where the post office was, then each other again.

aric: mail man
jack: definitely mail man
aric: i dont wanna catch geg rabies
jack: :geg:

so jack and aric started making their way towards the post office. jack, a master of greg RPG game and avid follower of the greg RPG tumblr blog, knew that mail man would be there! not just because it said "post off-ice." anything could be off that ice.

immediately after entering the building, jack and aric were greeted by a sharp-looking blue-haired man, messenger bag at his side and mailman hat on his head.

aric: are u the, erm, mel man?
jack: yes yes. are u the mel man

the mail man chortled fawningly.
mail man: Hm? Oh, hello. You guys must be the new clowns in town.
jack + aric: what
mail man: On one hand, it is great that out town's population is not declining as fast as we thought.
jack+ aric: huh
mail man: On the other hand -- well, take a look in a mirror once you're sober.
jack + aric: what does sober mean

mail man blinked sideways.
mail man: What? You're already sober? Unbelieveable!
jack + aric: wh
mail man: But actually -- that's great news! I just happen to be the only Man delivering Mail in this town. It's challenging work!
jack + aric: yay ?
mail man: I've been dreaming of a vacation for a while now... So, here's my idea.
jack + aric: what

mail man stared even more menacingly at jack and aric. aric hid behind jack.

jack: ermm. what is ur i
mail man: You guys bike around town instead, delivering mail. And I can take a break! Of course, it would be illegal to not pay you guys for this. So I will be paying you. And I'll help you anytime you come across me while on your post trip! So, what do you think? Talk to me once you've made up your mind.

jack and aric stared at each other.
aric: should we do it?
jack: well. we're supposed to get home right?
aric: well yeah. but helloooo! we're inside of a videojuego!!!
jack: tru. but i think something happens if you break his bike. i think he cries or something
aric: ppft!!! as if we would ever crash his bike!!!
jack: tru...

mail man, interrupting their conversation: Ah, the newspaper boys! Would you like to start your shifts now?

jack + aric: hmm. (they sideeye)

sure, we can become mailmen X)
actually, could you tell us how to get home?
can u help us catch greg he ran away :(