jack nodded. so did aric.
aric: we'll do it! :D
jack: yea :D

mail man grinned like the teeht emoji.
mail man: Perfect! you can use my bike to get around town.
his face turned sinster.
mail man: Do not break it, though. If you break my bike, I'll break your...

aric hid behind jack again.
aric: he scares me

mail man smiled sweetly.
mail man: Well, you'll see. And you're off!

jack: cool!
aric: yey

suddenly, the environment around them began to get darker and more pixelated.

jack + aric: ermm what the fart???
jack: ohh i think we're about to spawn in the biking minigame
aric: oh
aric: are we both gonna have a bike? or is it like a two seater kinda deal
jack: a two seater bike is kinda fun. :)

as the new environment materialized around them, they soon realized that they were very very wrong.

jack looked down to realize he was straddled on aric's shoulders.
jack: ermmmm what the fart?
aric: what the fart. why is jack on my shoulders.

mail man looked up at the two.
mail man: Apologies for the inconenience of my bike only having one seat. I had never intended for my bike to be used for more than one person at the same time. Anyways. Try to mail the newspapers into the mail boxes, please. You can see me at my post every 200 meters or so.
aric: ermm ok.
jack: i can throw the newspappers and u can bike!
aric: okai
jack: we got dis :D
aric: :D
mail man: And you're off!

aric began to pedal, jack trying his best to stay balanced.
aric: ok here comes up the first guy !
jack: ok ok i got it. (he throws the roll of newspaper at the closest mailbox, making it square in the hole.)
jack: SICK!!!!
aric: o hell yeah brotha

aric began to pedal faster, much to jacks surprise.
jack: woah dude!!!!!! dont go so fast!!!
aric: my b *pedals slower*

jack threw another newspaper to an oncoming mailbox, however it just doinked off the side of the box.
jack: bruh
aric: lol
jack notices mel man's post down the road.
jack: mel man ahoy!
aric: yay. also do u wonder how mel man gets here before us
jack: it is best not to ask questions you do not want the answers to.
aric: huh

in a few seconds they reached the mel man at the post. yay!

mail man: Greetings! Please feel free to purchase any of my merchandise. (idk the mail man lines lmao i forgot)

jack + aric: okay uhhh

muesli (idk what choices to put here. sorry!)