> go in with your hands

aric: go in with your hands? what the fart does that mean?
jack: i think it means we gotta fight him
aric: D: what the fart?? i dont wanna hurt greg :(
jack: but i will (he grins like the teeht emoji)

jack walked up to the trashcan that greg was hiding and probably crying and throwing up in. he swung his leg behind him as far as he could, and kicked the trash can with so much force that it fell over, a noticeable dent in it.

jack: YOWCH!!! :'(
aric: yay u did it :D

as the trash can fell, it emptied its contents. most of those contents being greg.

greg: i think th
jack: hello greg!
aric: (waves)
greg: i think th
jack: no need to worry. we are not going to fight you. we merely coerced you out of your hiding position.
aric: what does coerced mean
greg: i think th
aric: wait we need your help!!!
jack: ye

can you tell us how to get back home?
actually, we r going to beat u up now X)
how do we """"level up""""