aric looked at jack and made a smug face. like this: ',:3
jack: ohehehe. actually greg. we are going to beat you up.
greg (standing up): what are you guys d

suddenly jack kicked greg in the greg balls. greg fell over, screaming.
greg: what the fart are you gu
aric stomped over to greg and kicked him in the stomach. greg screeched again, balling up into a defensive position. jack and aric continued kicking him until greg went limp and motionless.

aric: ermm. is he dead
jack: probably. but i hope not.
aric: we shoudld get out of here right
jack: yeah. we should run

they bolted out of that dark alley and pretended like nothing happened. they did eventually figure out how to get out of there, and they made it back to their house with ease. the guilt that they just killed a man hung around them like dread, like they would eventually get caught. they never did. but they would be haunted with this feeling with the rest of their lives.

murder ending achieved

man, that sucks. good thing you can start again from the beginning! or start from your last checkpoint?