jack: cmon aric!! if we move fast enough we can catch this gregman!
aric: yey gregman

jack and aric ran after greg, going into the dark alley they saw him run into.

aric: this is a great idea for us harmless civilians to go into a dark alley where we know there is a feral gregcatboyman inside.
jack: i concur
aric: what does concur mean

suddenly, they saw a shadow move in the alley. a greg-shaped shadow...

jack + aric: THERE!

jack and aric pounced at the greg in the alley. greg screeched and tried to scramble up the brick walls, but to no avail. he jumped into an open trashcan and closed the lid.

jack: ermmmm.....
aric: is this the amazing greg ur talking about
jack: yep

aric walked up to the trashcan and swung his leg back, about to kick it-
aric: *kick* oops

zaznanananannaznanzannanana (sound of battle noise)

jack + aric: ...wuh oh.

the two friends found themselves in the middle of a battle with greg! greg popped his head out of the trashcan and made an angry face. like this: >:(

jack and aric looked at each other. they needed to talk to greg, right? so might as well try to win this battle. or at least find a way out of it...

go in with your hands
use some spirits
flee somehow?