i blinked and it was december 31

hello to anyone who has bothered to read my bloggy... man what a year huh... i wouldnt say that it was my year but it definitely wasn't the opposite of that either. but this year, especially the later half, went by so fast wowsers.

most notable moments of 2023. some of these might not be so epic. tried to order this chronologically

  1. jack aric turned a year old!!!!!! wowsers.....they grow up so fast. 23 issues so far wow. heres to so many more....
  2. i graduated 9th grade at the top of my class... wows... and also got 1th place in my grade for some schoolwide project thing.
  3. I GOT A BOYFRIEND!!!! I BECAME A BOYKISSER!!! YAY!! i love my boyfriend sm :]
  4. \
  5. i lost some of my loved ones this october, i don't want to get into it but some of you reading may know who i'm talking about..
  6. on a happier note, i finally turned 15!! 3 years left of being a miner... gas leak

NEW NEVER BEFORE SEEN SECTION: did i achieve my goals for 2023 this year?

in order of what i put last year: yes, yes, yes, yes, not really, yes. 5 out of 6 aint that bad! speedrun 2023 83%. will i get a higher score for 2024? hey that rhymed. stay tuned.

what i want to achieve in 2024!

  1. try to get better at musicing. audacity is cool...
  2. grow as an artist professionally! i wanna get that bag
  3. learn how to drive :3 it seems very cool! vroom
  4. get better at guhtar stuff. (ive learned how to do bar chords already! :D)
  5. put all 12 jack aric zines on my site, plus make an actual art page - develop my site mor
  6. graduate softmore year, become a junior, and turn 16 B)
  7. i think i wanna go on a bulk. i plan on gaining around 10 pounds by june, most of that being muscle B3

yup so thats all my goals. hey, what's that i see ahead.... oh no.... it must be...


this year i have listened to a lot of musick, but this year can be mostly defined by this album. that album being....

MM... FOOD by MF DOOM!!!!

this album absolutely carried summer 2023. featured in publictransit's music page, this album is just wowsers. definitely one of my most favorite albums of all times. (CLOSE SECOND: Hawaii: Part II by Miracle Musical) (CLOSE THIRD: Meteora by Linkin Park)

welp as of now it is 11:31 pm, exactly a year and 1 hour since posting newyear2023. see you guys next year, grarharhar. aiden out. now scram!