wow it is the new year!!!

wow isn't that amazing. wowzers. so totally epic. a whole nother year behind us.
which is a bit scary because january 2022 only seems so short ago. i did a lot in 2022. i felt a lot in 2022.
so, what better than to list my favorite things in 2022 and what i want to achieve in 2023!!!!!! :D

most epic moments of my 2022

  1. MOST IMPORTANTLY!!: FOUNDING THE TRANSING GROUP!!!! wow i really need to write something about it, or something. maybe on its one year anniversary, or something, lol.
  2. starting jack aric comic!!! i love them so much. definitely need to write a blogpost about them or something. writing is cool
  3. graduating middle school and starting high school! a very new chapter of my life, still scared about high schloo kind of tho lol
  4. going to the gorillaz concert!!!!!!!!! literally oh my god guyz that was one of the most awesome nights of my life i cannot stress this enough. man i really need to blog more
  5. redesigning my room!!! it made me feel really happy. but also rip to the bed ive had for like 7+ years literally lived half my life, i wish the people i donated it to a very pleasant sleep and happy new years
  6. going thru not 2, not 3, not 4, but actually 1 and a half sketchbooks (lol get trolled) in this past 365 days. i love drawing so much and my art style has improved immensely, i should really post my art here why have i been putting this off for so long lmao

what i want to do in 2023

  1. keep working on my site!!! i love my site. they are my child. like, it is more than a year old, wtf. my site is older than some people... cray zee.... but anyways i really want to keep working on it (and changing the layout... im becomign benn.y...)
  2. continue working on jack aric and exploring different media with them... like animation, screenprinting...,, etc... im seriosuly going crayze over then kjhgbvfctjhbabhscasfasdrrv
  3. becoming a sophomore and turning 15 :) it sounds simple and so totally obvious but thats what i hope to achieve : )
  4. exploring my music tastes instead of listening to the same song 20 times in a row !!!!!!!!!!! i love msuic so much. beastie b oys
  5. getting back into writing again, not solely jack aric, but exploring my other ocs (remember acrophobia? yeah me neither) and having fun with them yk
  6. becoming cooler!!!!!! yeah ik im already cool and swawesome and epic but i want to do that but multiplied by 2........ or 6

obviously this is not a complete list but this is just a snippet of my new years resolutions/whatevers/idk lol.
as for now it is 10:33 pm, and im a bit eepy, but im gunna stay up till 12am!!!! yippee!!!!
i hope you enjoyed your 2022, and enjoy your 2023.
happy new years :)