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hey wait what is sge??

SGE, short for The School for Good and Evil, is a YA fanstasy book hexology (oo cool word) by Soman Chainani. It's 6 books, but really it's two trilogies with the same main characters, imo. Except there's a new villain(s) in the second trilogy but they tie into the first trilogy villain family tree so we don't talk about that, hehe.

WARNING there are going to be SPOILERS for the entire series, so kiddos who are only on book one TURN BACK NOW or else you will NEVER GET THE FEELING OF READING YOUR (potentially) FAVOURITE BOOK FOR THE FIRST TIME

you have been warnbed

double warning i may talk about writing that is in the sge fandom but not canon if you know what i mean

the actual sgeposting

September 1, 2022

XD dead blog

February 15, 2022

wow its been a bit too long. um idk what to put here so read the other stuff i added? thanks, love, aiden r

November 11, 2021

wondering how many people died in sge... guys i will sift through all 6 books and find every single casualty i am not kidding
uhm what else to talk about for first impressions? i am like physically resisting the urge to not talk about anything else until i am like 100 percent confident to :badgender:

a manifesto on Red School (please take this with a grain of salt)

to be honest, i have never read red school. and i cannot find how to pirate it i mean, read it for free. but i have read the entire SGE series and half of the Red Queen series and have seen a bunch of Red School memes by @snail.jam_sge on instagram, so i technically am, virtually am, theoretically am able to review it.

the art is by Joel Gennari (i think you can find him on instagram by the alias @joelgennariart but i cant really check rn), and that might have been the best decision ever. thank you, Red School, for hiring a gay artist to draw men that happen to be shirtless like half the time. let's just call it his artistcal liscense Ɛ>

(ime going to add tedords memes as soon as i get home, AS WELL AS the story of that one time i DMd Joel Gennari aforementioned tedors memes)