fuck yea brownie time

somehow jack and aric make their way out of the strange sewer thing because apparently they could have done this the whole time. when they get home they smell like shit and other such sewer smells, so they just shower and theyre good as new. and then they make brownies!!!!! such fun

aric: i luv brownies
jack: i agree
aric: this is so fun
jack: i agree
aric: so much better than hanging out in that sewer with that weird alien thing
jack: yea were not missing anything super fun anyways. that portal might have led us into like a walmart or something anyways.
aric: yea

they go on with their day and eat brownies and play minecraft. in the morning when they get to school they realize they totally forgot to do their homework. balls. oh well at least thos brownies were delish

brownie ending achieved. try again?