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issue #7!: y'all when reading jack aric comic

you may need to zoom in to see more, or check out the panel-by-panel version here! (warning it doesnt exist yet so dont click it ok)

my seventh ever comic!!!!!

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panel one

aric: hello guyz! welcome back to another issue of jack aric comic!!! :D :D yay

jack: sup

panel two

aric: today we are going to show you guys our collective of cool comix!!!

aric: i own 14 books and jack owns 103.

panel three

aric: as for me, i don't really like reading anything, but jack got me into this 14-part "manga" series, and i like it, so yeah.

panel four

aric: it's pretty cool!!!!!!! and if i remember the title correctly - oh yeah!!! it's called "super magical girls fight increasingly dangerous bad guys and win with the power of friendship!!!"

panel five

aric: ermmm the title klinda gets lost in translation-

jack: MY TURN!!!!!

panel six


panel seven

jack: i love LOVE LOOOVVE READING STUFF, ESPECIALLY COMICS!!!!! i like reading all types of comix, but i reall like indie-type comics!!!! those be my fave :)

jack: someday i want to make comics of my own! it seems rly cool!!!!!!

panel eight

jack: blah blah blah i love comics blah blah blah theyre so cool blah blah- HEY ARIC UR NOT LISTENING >:(

aric: i found a bee :)

jack: damn ok... anyways blah blah blah comix cool and blah blo blee blarg blug bloop blep.

panel nine

jack: sometimes i go to the interwebs and look at webcomix and some of them are pretty cool-

panel ten

(there is an image of jack aric comic)

jack: ermm

aric: what

panel eleven

jack and aric: oh cool thats so meta

panel twelve

me and jack: (we stare at the camera)

to be continued! ^^