in order of debut! interested in drawing my characters? check out my artfight ^^! (layout for this is subject to change btw. stay tuned...)



jack is technically the first ever character to debut on jack aric comic, appearing on the first ever panel of the first ever comic. (lol sorry aric!) he was also the first jack aric character to come into existence at all. hence why jack goes before aric in jack aric. 'aric jack' doesn't sound good anyways...he's younger than aric though, as he's only 15 and his birthday is probably around november. like me :) jack is a transgender guy whos on T already i think!!! he also likes coding, reading, and drawing!! i think it would be cool and meta if he made a graphic novel inside of a webcomic. he also has a twin brother, rhian (i don't like him)! he allegedly DOES have a pet snake (ass jake) but he hasn't appeared in an official issue yet... :(
you can read more about jack here!



aric is technically the second ever character to debut, in the second panel of the first comic!!! the first concept art came a little bit after jack's by a day or two. despite that, he's older than jack :)! he is 16 while jack is 15. i'd like to think his birthday is in febuary or a late winter month like that. aric is asexual!!! and also an egg. probably also aromantic but idk, lol. interests? i'd say like baking (real) or playing minecraft or something. he just like me fr. he has a cat whose name is beemo! as in beemo from adventure time.
you can read more about aric here!



rhian is jack's twin brother. he appeared a few times so far, and now he is appearing more often in the comics. remember how i mentioned how i dont like him and i dont want to draw him again? well hes actually grown on me and now i think hes silly and i love drawing him. character arc
you can read more about rhian here!



debuting in issue 19(!), kaya is rhian's best friend, and they can play acoustic guitar! (they are probably in the band i think? in zine 9 (not uploaded yet... shad) kaya asks if they can join the band and rhian is like yea shore... so yes probably?! yay)
you can read more about kaya here!



introduced into the comic in issue 20, sydney is arics girlfriend, as well as a fellow member of jaric (the band!) (trademarked!) (registered!) (copyrighted!) she is the bass player in their band and also she likes pink and purple and orange and yellow and butterflies!!!! you can read more about sydney here!



beemo is aric's cat, and hes literally so silly :3 he appears in issue 12 and he also appears in most of the zines!!! also hes in the 3rd misc comic!! you will see him soon :3