greetings troysucks viewers.

im currently in 2nd period right now and im bored, so here's a silly little page of websites and pages i like and slash or find useful. warning im coding this right in the neocities editor so ermmmmm be carful i guesse edit: im in 4th period now lol

  1. sadgrl webmastery for all of your webmastery needs. has free fonts, backgrounds, html/css tips and a layout builder :3
  2. bonnibels graphics, COOL GRAPHICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also has fandom graphicz
  3. bettys graphics, MORE COOL GRAPHICS + a lot of cool backgrounds
  4. gifcities for all of ur geocities gifs needs
  5. ezgif, GIF MAKER! and also a lot of other cool things u can do FOR FREE!!!!! ¡¡¡¡GRATIS!!!!
  6. codepen, an ides thats way better than neocities cuz u can see updates in REAL TIME!!!! ¡¡¡¡¡EN SERIO!!!!!
  7. catbox for permanent file storage!!! don't have supporter to upload special files into ur neocities dashboard? catbox can hold uploads of up to 200MB, any (i think) file type!
  8. HTML cheat sheet, basically gives u everything u need to know about html
  9. w3schools, literally so many tips on html, css, js, python, other silly languages
  10. eggramen has a lot of good css layouts!!!!!!
  11. to be continuted btw