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hello all! apologies for being a little late to pie day but you know what they say: better late pie then no pie! at least i'm pretty sure that's what they say.
anyways most of you may not have known this but i actually bake and cook sometimes for fun. especially pies! so on this Web page i will talk about the pies i have created and ranking them out of 10.
this reminds me that i actually have a pie zine! that i should really upload onto here. maybe when the troy-sucks 7.0 wave hits.


i have baked many an apple pie in the past. in fact, my first pie i ever baked was an apple pie! with store bought dough but i eventually learned how to make pie dough fron scratch so alls good. usually they're a solid 7/10, but sometimes i dont cook the apples for long enough D: the pie dough really carries though. the secret is to put a mixture of apple cider vinegar and wadder so it tastes real tart. baking with aiden


fun fact!!! i bake a pecan pie every year for my birthday!!! easily 8.5/10. the trick? put brandy or whisky in your pecan pie filling. all the alcohol evaporates but it still makes it taste better. sometimes i put chopped up pecans in the dough when making pecan pie but the apple cider vinegar dough is still really yummy. also protip: dont stick candles in your pie..


baked this one time but it was still reallyyyy good... 8/10 only because it was a little on the sweet side and did not microwave well (if i microwaved it too little it would still be really cold and if i did it for too long the filling would start to bubble). but still it was quite yummers, might bake it again once i procure all of the ingredients


i forgot to draw something for this. 2/10 pie. it was good on the first slice but then by the second slice i was starting to think "man why did i have to put yogurt in here? and beets dont really taste that good but why do they look pretty?" i made it for my mom but i don't think she liked it much more than i did :(. at least the thought counts?

QUICHE (egg pie :3)

QUICHE always got my back man quiche my man. i love you quiche, 9.9/10. i love you breakfast pie. ill eat you for lunch too. and dinner too. youre not a dessert pie but you always got my back savory pie. ill put bacon and green stuff in your egg filling. yum

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