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March 12, 2024! :3

hi everynyan! :3 you may be wondering why i decided to make this bloggy its own seperate Web page. if u read my entry then u might know why already, but i just wanted to tell u guys about the days i had in a longer form :3

yesterday i went to the aquarium because it was like a 5 minutes walk away and also because i love aquariums!!!!! apparently baltimore is the home of the national aquarium, so i was super excited because i had a feeling it was going to be a good aquarium :333 and it did not disappoint.... so the layout of the aquarium is kind of like an upward spiral, which then goes to a rainforest section, then corkscrews down into the rest of the aquarium. theres also an australian section... for some reason? anyways i think it's cool, although it's seperated from the rest of the aquarium for some reason. the gift shop was okay too, the stuff was crazy overpriced though :( gave them the good old five finger discount on one of their shark stickers though, >:3. i would rate the aquarium fish out of 10! here are some cool pictures that i took:

two frogs chilling on a branch

frog friends at the rainforest section! they look so angry :3! i did not catch what kind of frogs they are though! :(

an empty area in the aquarium devoid of any life... ahh so scary! i just shit myself.. :(

a nice liminal picture i took at the aquarium, past the rainforest section. there's a ramp that goes all the way down to the shark section, which is very cool and immersive.

a sharky boy

i really like this picture i took because it looks like this sharky fellow is swimming through an abandoned building of some sort. woa...

so yeah those are the cool pictures i took at the aquarium. yay! after the aquarium, we walked around and went to some bookstores/record stores!!!! i found a radiohead cd (amnesiac) and an MF DOOM cd (the mouse an the mask, a collab cd with dangermouse :3).. then we had some pretty good italian food and got some ice cream!!!
by the end of the day my legs were dead tired. whew, very fun tho :333

science time

cool sciencey looking divider

March 13, 2024! :33

today i actually overslept! :( i finished eating breakfast at around noon, it was at a really good place though :3 it's called miss shirley's, and dang it's got good comida :3 so then we went to the museum! :D
i did not actually get to visit the whole museum, so that is quite disappinting :(. my dad said we're gonna go tomorrow again too, so yay!

i also went to the planetarium inside the museum!

the inside of the planetarium, showing the pillars of creation!

it was about how we can see more of the universe with different types of telescopes utilizing different areas of the electromagnetic spectrum... wauw
the rest of the museum was cool from what i got to see, but i bet the rest of it tomorrow will be awesome and cool :3

after the museum, we walked over to east baltimore to this bowling alley place, called mustang alleys :3 also baltimore has a little italy, apparently! although in hindsight that would be really obvious because maryland is on the east coast and very close to new york shitty the big crapple. we're gonna go out for italian tomorrow :pray: on the walk home from the bowling alley i got some bobar at this place called simply sip tea which was quite epic. now i am currently in the hotel room bing chilling and writing a blogpost. speaking of blogpost! i am going to end this blogpost! aiden out

here's a list for funsies

thank you for reading my blogpage! now scram!