this is the last time i am ever going to use this chromebook.

it seems a bit weird to be this attached to something like this a lot, but this chromebook has been with me since 6th grade. and now as i start 9th grade (it sucks but the first day was today, ew cringe,) i'm going to exchange this for a newer one. obviously. this computer is really slow and it's hard to do work on it. decided to pay tribute to it, at least :)

this is what the quality of the camera looked like.

i am staring into the camera

consider this a face reveal. i found this photo the other day (must have been fooling around with the camera after an assignment because i never use the camera.) but as you see this must be some kind of analogue horror. i am peering into the camera mysteriously.

a picture of one of the portable classrooms

apparently my chromebook camera was amazing at capturing normal scenes in a weirdcore sort of vibe. too bad i'm replacing it today.

i think my camera is bad because i kept scratching it with a pen. an act of rebellion towards my school, perhaps. came to bite me in the butt in a way, lol.

i think i'll still be able to keep my files and bookmarks when i get a new chromebook because that's how it works i guess. chrome actually being based for once. but yeah, this is bittersweet in a way, lol. this is going to be the last ever page i get to code with this computer. it really did give me years of service. thank you, chromebook.

signing off,